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Positioning half of success ...

    The website you visited is designed to promote and create short, optimal positioning and web portal management methods.

   We choose and present to you what is simple, effective, useful in the field of optimization of your site. Tutorials, proven solutions, and your own innovative ideas.


Positioning strategy

Positioning in the long pertpective is an investment for the future. What we should be careful about, what to protect and what to refine. Scheme of portal organization as help...

Effective advertising

A good marketing plan is the foundation. We need to use our skills, abilities and interests. To achieve the goal.  Essential in advertising is to create a process...



Map Maker tool for google, Bing. In xml versions and html generation.  See tools


An example of a hierarchical portal construction scheme. It makes it easy to plan the distribution of metadata / OpenOffice 3.0 source file will reference the master document  Download schema


Example of the help panel keywords, title sites html / graphic  See panel



Interesting tools

You can use many tools to create Internet portals. Briefly about what is valuable to us personally about html / php / js / xml / css editors, CMS creation programs; other tools to facilitate and improve the work of creating web portals.The use of many techniques and knowledge of programs allows you to create effective.See the basic webmaster tools at the beginning

SON -  from Polish: Gradation, Optimization, Uniqueness / eng. /

This is the technique that we developed within the framework of positioning web sites since 1998 in the Internet.

The method is being developed; Improved to the present.

Knowledge about search engines

Applying SEO, SON and other effective methods requires a solid search engine knowledge. Additional search tools help you position your portals in a simple and accessible way. Sometimes it takes a little work and time to make sense of the portal and adapt it in terms of optimization. Knowledge of the search engine as a help to build the portal...

method-spinnakerSpinnaker SON  this is not a program that is a method. We present you so that you can apply it on your website.

You will find something for yourself.  If you look carefully at our portal then you will find a way to promote yourself online. And it's very own power and minimal or even free-of-charge. Read about the "Spinnaker"



How to create websites effectively?

Create a hierarchical-linear schema of your portal so this document will help you to develop a website positioning plan.


Tutorial of plastic and practical positioning - build websites that are more user-friendly and attractive in terms of functionality and performance. Also transparent search for information, characteristic graphically robed.


On the web nothing is going on in isolation, every element in the visual field is related to other elements. Keep up the site for the interactivity of everything.

Optimization for search engines (ang.Search Engine Optimization – SEO.)

Also referred to as positioning – processes aimed at achieving a web site's highest position in the results of organic search engines for selected words and key phrases. 

First action

Make sure your pages are indexed by Google. Do not be surprised if Google is already one step ahead of you - Its Google bots may already have crawled your site without your knowledge.